Exclusive Free Course From Erik Bee:

"How To Start & Grow A Profitable Real Estate Virtual Wholesaling Business"

Erik Bee started his real estate investing career in 2006 and in just a few short years built a successful flipping business in Seattle, moved to San Diego, became Fortune Builders head Mastery coach, and has acquired hundreds of properties for two of the most successful flipping companies in San Diego.

This FREE Course shows that exact process on how to start your own Virtual Wholesaling business from scratch, regardless of the experience, knowledge, or skills that you have.

Erik has one of the best (if not the best) track records in the industry, and has coached over thousands of individuals on stage and in masterminds to start and scale their real estate investing business.

New Free Course from Erik Bee reveals:

  • How me and thousands of others escaped the 9-5 rat race, and built lives of freedom and abundance using Real Estate Wholesaling
  • Why Virtual Wholesaling is the best place to make money in Real Estate for 2020
  • How to Leverage 20+ years of experience to start wholesaling
  • Discover the different types of wholesaling real estate that you can start accomplishing
  • How to build & communicate your real estate super team at a high level
  • How to build rapport with sellers and accurately formulate an offer virtually
  • How to confidently write a contract, submit an offer and perform property walkthroughs virtually
  • BONUS: Business in Box to help you start deploying marketing & nurture leads


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